The most effective method to Pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam Test

The most effective method to Pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam Test

Recently, I passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test with a score of 91%. It’s a 70 inquiry online test which you have 90 minutes to finish and you need to get 80% to pass (Google as of late expanded the pass rate from 75% and the decreased the time permitted by 30 minutes). I didn’t discover this to be a lot of an issue as I despite everything had 15 minutes save.  More info

The test contains various decision questions, typically with 4 responses to browse. A few nonetheless, are the ‘check all that apply’ type, which I found the trickiest.

Planning for the GAIQ test Before you take the GAIQ test, the best asset for readiness is Google’s Conversion University exercises, which are separated in to effectively edible sections. It experiences the crucial essentials, which are simple and generally sound judgment to further developed diagnostic code setting and report age. I would suggest as yet surveying all the exercises, particularly for those ‘check such answer’ questions. The exercises are set out in a reasonable request, however content is clarified rapidly so be set up to hit the interruption button often, particularly in the event that you are intending to take notes. The exercises which I believe were the most valuable regarding finishing the assessment and, the ones you ought to invigorate/acquaint yourself with are:

  • Profiles in Google Analytics
  • Web based business Tracking
  • Channels in Google Analytics
  • Spaces and Sub-Domains
  • Treats and Google Analytics

My test incorporated a ton of AdWords related inquiries, which in spite of the fact that is shrouded in the exercises I figure I would have battled a piece in the event that I was inexperienced with running efforts. Consequently, I’d prescribe joining to an AdWords record to get a vibe of how it functions.

Despite the fact that I think the Conversion University exercises spread most things I have in the past discovered both Avinash Kaushik’s books; Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day extremely simple to peruse and process. I read some place that the majority of the test questions were produced from Brian Clifton’s Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics book and I could perceive any reason why. Certainly an accommodating book and it incorporates a convenient half off voucher for the GAIQ test, sparing $25 and successfully making the book free!

During the GAIQ test With 70 inquiries and 90 minutes to finish, this lone gives you extremely restricted opportunity to go research the inquiries (a moment or so per question). In any case, some of inquiries you will effectively float through, leaving sufficient opportunity to do a touch of exploration for those trickier ones.

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