Using Social Media Buttons on a Sales Page

Using Social Media Buttons on a Sales Page


How many times have you considered using a social media link or button somewhere on your sales page?

Sales pages are the ideal form of marketing for a product or service you are trying salepage to sell, and a sales page isn’t complete without your call-to-action button. But, who’s to say that you call to action button always has to say “Buy Now”, “Click to Order”, “Try Now”, “Try for Free” or “Get Started”?

The impulse of interaction through social platforms has given businesses, entrepreneurs and website owners an advantage in marketing their products, ebooks, software and services. Remember, social profile buttons are to be used in conjunction with the essential elements of your page that get readers to convert. These elements include:




Benefits and Features

Personal Accounts




Call to Action

Now, there are two really good reasons why you should use social media buttons in your sales page, and I want to discuss them with you.

You Can Amplify your Social Presence

Your social media pages are just like any other marketing campaign you have set up, especially a sales page. Meaning, an effective one takes time and effort, and gives you a lot of elements to play with so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Social media is a major part of business now and the use of social media buttons on your sales page will give you one more way to identify with your audience.

Once you have made the decision to use social media buttons on your sales page, you want to define its purpose. So, in this case, you will probably want your readers to follow you or to like your fan page. Regardless of the reason, be sure you are offering social media buttons that link to professional and presentable social networking profiles. Remember, this is your online reputation you are trying to build.

Support your Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action is the response you are looking for your readers to complete. With a sales page, every element will work to develop the groundwork for the solution the reader is looking for. So, your social profile links or buttons will help you to not limit the availability of your solution to only a certain market. You do want to make sure your social media buttons go hand-in-hand with the solution you are trying to provide. Meaning, if a reader clicks on your social links, they will be directed to a location that will provide them with additional information along with another means of either contacting you or completing the intended action.

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