Crystal Ball’s Influence On Decisions And The Future

Crystal Ball’s Influence On Decisions And The Future


Crystal balls are believed to possess certain energies that affect certain event events or circumstances in our life, on our attitudes and the predicaments that we are into with regards to health, business and relationships. These mysterious round balls have 

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Termed as scrying or the procedure of looking into crystal balls, fortunetellers as well as religious sciences use it in divination or the art of seeing the past, the future and the present that play vital role in every decision-making of an individual who engages into it or seek its use. Many powerful world leaders seek its use as they want to be guided by what is seen from it and therefore influence their decisions in terms of running their office and personal life.

In the Chinese Feng shui, the power or influence of crystal balls is believed to depend on its location be it in homes and business establishments. The four points of the world, being the east, west, south and north are the basis where such objects are geographically placed as each corner of the world has it corresponding function or a representation. The southeast for example brings luck therefore Chinese businessmen place their cash registers on the southeast side along with crystal balls or buckets of crystal. Furthermore, having accessories such as bracelets or necklaces worn on the body made of crystals are believed to influence mental and physical abilities to combat stress, improve academic or work performance for students and employees respectively.

The number of crystals or crystal balls also influences the power or energy that they emit. Certain numbers corresponds to certain type or intensity of power that such crystals emit. A mixture of shapes and colors on the other had also serves some purpose in bringing the ball’s power to the maximum.

If it is true or not, the power of crystals serve as symbols to the human race to influence the mindset to aspire for the realizations of dreams and ambitions and not just rely on pure luck waiting, sitting for it to take its course towards a person. The real source of power does not come from such power balls alone as it is necessary for a person to take control over his dreams and that constitutes to taking actions to change character and values for the better as one does not prosper by staring alone at crystal balls.

Believing in the power or luck that a crystal ball brings does not harm anybody as it can 

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