Iran and the Nuclear Weapons Showdown; Pandora’s Box?

Iran and the Nuclear Weapons Showdown; Pandora’s Box?  

If and when the United States of America lays down the letter of the law with the Iranian Regime to stop their nuclear weapons the showdown with Iran will escalate indeed. We must prevent Nation States, which sponsor International Terrorism from getting   ข่าวมวย

   their hands nuclear weapons. But in doing so will we be opening Pandora’s Box? On online political forum analyst thinks so and states;

“What Pandora’s Box would it open exactly?”

Let me defer the answer to that and ask you a question; Would the day that the Iranian fanatical regime puts nuclear warheads on top of those Chinese Rockets not be the day Pandora’s Box is open? How about when it lands on a civilian population that my friends is the Pandora’s Box.

Regarding the Bush Administration and the Iranian Showdown; I do not believe it matters who is in power because the Iranian Leadership has promised to “Blow Israel off the Map”, is preparing for war, supporting insurgents to kill US and UK troops in Iraq, and supports International Terrorism, indeed one could say that that rogue nation state supporting International Terrorism is indeed an International Terrorist State. Next argument stated is this;

“There is absolutely no proof that the Iranian elections were rigged.”

Suppressing news media is a form of rigging elections. The Iranian election had microwaves used to disrupt World Media and Satellite News. If the elections were not rigged then the Iranian people are somewhat to blame for allowing this nut case to come into power, thus any small numbers killed in collateral damage indeed rests on them, not on any US intervention attempting to prevent WW III.

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