Getting Coaching Clients – How to Open Any Door and Get an Appointment With Almost Anyone

I can remember when it was hard to even talk to someone at a networking event. Now here’s a way of getting an appointment with anyone. I’ve gotten appointments with top CEOs of large businesses, and small business owners at an almost unbelievable success rate. For instance, when using this to get visitors for a networking event I ended up talking with 100% of those I called, and 75% of those I talked with showing up. Most of the other 25% still wanted to go, Life Coach in Kansas it was their schedule that was in the way.

The hard part is your mindset. I’ve been there and that was the part that I struggled with for years. But once I caught on to this simple thing, things changed big time. Early on in my coaching business I would have SWORN that I’m not any good at connecting… I wasn’t, believe me! My wife still says she doesn’t recognize me any more.

THE Coaching Business Marketing Secret

In marketing, and this IS marketing, the key is: It is NEVER about YOU, your products, or your services. So stop talking about any of those. It is always about the prospect, and what he wants and needs. So, when you make that shift, and it’s only a slight mindset change even those this sounds drastic, you’ll see a huge shift in your “getting coaching clients”.

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