Where Can I Buy A Kindle

Where Can I Buy A Kindle  

Where can I buy a Kindle? Wait! What is a Kindle?

The etymological background of the word “Kindle” is said to be Old Norse, which is a North Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements during the Viking Age up until around the 1300s. “Kindle” is said   เที่ยวไหนดี

 to originate from the Old Norse word, “Kynda,” which means “to heat.”

How appropriate a product title for a product that represents only one small component in the exploding network of ICT development! Of course, the “Kindle” I am referring to in this article is the eReader flagship of Amazon, a multinational eCommerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, founded in 1994 and interestingly named after one of the largest rivers in the World.

eBooks represent a relatively newly formed, yet to be named, genre that is, well, short-form electronic publishing. Technically, eBooks are neither books or magazine articles but, according to many, they are the digital future. The eBook revolution is largely driven by innovative business models that have tapped into a very hungry content-based market which is now being made much more accessible to all consumers by the exploding advancement in ICT and related networks.

Where Can I Buy A Kindle for my downloaded library books?

eReaders, or eBook readers as they are also commonly referred to, have risen to the top in the quest to meet consumer passion and hunger for digital information through books. In this year alone (2011) the proliferation of eBook readers and the growing market share of Barnes & Noble represent significant developments in the book/publishing industry, as does the selling of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” eBooks online; not to mention the promotion of self-published writer, Amanda Hocking, now being signed with a traditional book publishing house.

eReaders and related applications certainly appear to be the flavor of the month at present with significant consumer feedback indicating consumer reading preferences have begun to favour turning pages electronically, be it via home computers, laptops, eBook readers, or even iPhones, iPads, Androids, or smart phones, rather than reading books in the traditional way. Amazon and others have recognised this consumer need and offer a variety of purchase options regarding the Kindle family. In addition to being purchased online at Amazon’s kindle store (, Kindles can currently be purchased from select retail stores, including:

1. America – AT & T; J & R (New York); Office Depot; Radio Shack; Sam’s Club; Staples; Office Max; Fred Meyer; Toys R Us, and others.

2. Australia and New Zealand – Big W; Dick Smith; Woolworths and others.

3. Canada – The Source; Staples.

4. South Africa – Incredible Connection

When one takes a broad look at electronic technology it becomes, perhaps, more apparent why books/publishing have been drawn, like metal shavings towards a magnet, into the same network of technological advancement that has seen music and video drawn into the digital marketplace. Predictably, the exploding escalation in eBook sales over the past few years has left, and no doubt is yet to further leave, a number of casualties along the way. Data gleaned from the Association of American Publishers paints a clearer picture as to the extent of the eReader revolution with eBook profits reaching approximately $450 million in 2010 while printed books maintained a plateau of growth that significantly pales in comparison to its trendier sibling. The much publicised demise of the US book and media retailer, Borders, just another example of the tentacle-like reaches of the digital world.

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