How To Choose The Best Crawl Space Liner

Using an encapsulation kit in your crawl space is the first solution to get rid of water clogging, termites, dust, dirt, rodents and of course bad odor. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to choose the Best crawl space encapsulation kit because it is the crawl space liner that provides all the protection that you need. Going in for a random encapsulation kit may not provide you the best crawl space liner which certainly will leave you in disappointment of wasting your time, energy and money.

This undoubtedly is the reason why with my extensive experience in this industry I recommend people to go for certain specifications in their crawl space liner. It is important that you do a little research before you choose any encapsulation kit, since your little knowledge on what you are installing beneath your home is important for you to know if it’s the right solution to your problem.

Here are some suggestions on how you should use the best crawl space liner:

· Thickness: choosing a crawl space liner that gives you a thickness of 60 mil will surely protect your home from any damages from your crawl space. The thickness of the liner is extremely important because this thickness will not only offer insulation value but will not allow any insect to eat their way through and into your home. It is also important to keep away any kind of water leakage or even moisture control.

· Zero Perm: this is one of the highest ratings in crawl space liner and provides one of the best techniques to keep away moisture, water and radon gas. Choosing a liner that gives you this kind of rating can make your home moisture and waterproof. This indirectly prevents the future growth of mold.

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