Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers   

Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers


We all know that it can be a nightmare trying to find cheap insurance for young drivers. Unfortunately all teenagers are Cheap Driver Medicals NORTHAMPTON tarred with the same reputation i.e. they will drive too fast, get drunk and disorderly and cause numerous accidents.

This is unfair but also a fact of life. Young teens do have more accidents caused by a lack of practice and experience combined with poor driving practices, for example tailgating and speeding. Statistically a sixteen year old is twice as likely to crash as a nineteen year old.

And the cost of vehicle insurance reflects these numbers. So how do you go about finding an auto accident policy that doesn’t bankrupt you?

Think about the make and model of car you chose to insure. Insurance companies will look at the condition of the car and the year of manufacture. I know at sixteen years of age, your look is very important and we all want to be the cool guy in town. You can choose a car to suit your image but for now it is best to avoid those classified as sports cars. Choosing a second hand model rather than a new one will also have an impact on the premiums you pay.

Don’t go for a small car as statistically they can be as difficult to manage as a larger car. Obviously they are easier to park but they can be unstable not to mention crush easily on impact. So aim for a medium sized car and think of models such as the Toyota Corolla or Mazda 3 or perhaps the Ford Focus. If your heart is set on an SUV and your wallet can afford the higher premiums, you could consider a Toyota RAVA or a Nissan Xterra.

If your car has additional safety features, your premium will be adjusted to reflect this. For example if it comes fitted with, or you add, electronic stability control, your chances of being in a crash are significantly reduced. This device helps drivers to remain in control of the vehicle during emergency maneuvers. A number of road fatalities only involve a single car and happen because the driver loses control.

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, fitting anti theft devices and parking your car in the garage will also help lower your insurance premiums.


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