HIV AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Virus – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome)

HIV AIDS - The actual name is appalling! In any event, hearing the information on someone tainted by the HIV gives goose pimples.

HIV is an infection that causes AIDS. In India the primary HIV case was distinguished in 1986 in a female sex laborer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. From that point forward, the quantity of individuals tainted with this infection is expanding at a disturbing rate. According to Reuters (March 2010), around 2.5 million individuals are living with HIV infection in India, making India among the best three nations with the most elevated number of HIV cases.

HIV episode is more extreme in South (Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) and North-East India (Manipur and Nagaland). According to an examination in April 2010, Maharashtra has seen the most noteworthy number of new AIDS cases in most recent 3 years for example 25% of all out individuals tainted in India. Likewise, HIV abundance is more prominent in guys than in females (60:40) and in the age gathering of 15-40 years. Not just this, according to UNICEF, around 30,000 children are brought into the world with HIV infection consistently in India.

Having a more critical glance at the numbers above, it has gotten fundamental to take extraordinary measures to kill the evil in its bud. What's more, for this the principal step is to instruct individuals about the condition on the grounds that even today individuals contaminated with this destructive illness face embarrassment, unreasonable twist and bias regularly by our general public. SMM panel India They are confronting severe surge and are being scorned by their family and local area. To sidestep this, World AIDS Day (which was begun in 1988) is praised each year on December 01 to bring issues to light about HIV AIDS and battle segregation. NACO (National AIDS Control Organization) was additionally set up in 1992 to oversee the detailing of arrangements and control programs identifying with HIV and AIDS.

Since safeguard is in every case better compared to fix, the accompanying advances/measures can keep you from being tainted by HIV infection:

• Educate yourself as well as other people about HIV AIDS

• Avoid unprotected sex

• Always utilize new needle for infusions

In the event that you are HIV positive, following focuses ought to be remembered:

• Follow safe sex rehearses

• Do not share your needles and needles, razor, tooth brush and so on with others

• Do not give blood

• If you are pregnant, complete normal exams so the child doesn't get tainted by the infection

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