Olympics Games – Football

1908: London, England, Great Britain won the gold decoration in soccer in the IV Olympic Games. The silver decoration was won by Denmark.

1912: Stockholm, Sweden. Incredible Britain crushed Denmark 4-2. The bronze award was won by Holland.

1920: Antwerp, Belgium. Belgium won the gold award in football in the VII Olympic Games.

1924: Paris, France. Uruguay won the gold award in soccer in the VIII Olympic Games.

1928: Amsterdam, Netherlands. For the subsequent time, Uruguay won the gold award in football in the IX Olympic Games.

1932: Los Angeles, California (USA). The football competition was dropped.

1936: Berlin, Germany. Italy crushed Austria 3-2. The bronze decoration was won by Poland.

1948: London, England. Sweden won the gold decoration in football in the Olympic Games. Sweden crushed Yugoslavia 3-1.

1952: Helsinki, Finland. Hungary crushed Yugoslavia 2-0 for the gold award. The bronze award was won by Sweden.

1956: Melbourne, Australia.The USSR (presently Russia, Georgia,Estonia…) caught the men's soccer gold award, with Yugoslavia completing second and Bulgaria third.

1960: Rome, Italy. Yugoslavia crushed Denmark 3-1 for the gold award. The bronze award was won by Hungary.

1964: Tokyo, Japan. Hungary won the gold award in soccer in the XVIII Olympic Games. The silver award was won by Czechoslovakia (as of now Czech Republic) and the bronze by Bulgaria.

1968: Mexico City, Mexico. Hungary crushed Bulgaria 4-1.

End-product: 1.Hungary; 2.Bulgaria; 3.Japan; 4.Mexico; 5.France; 6.Guatemala; 7.Spain; 8:Israel; 9.Colombia; 10.Guinea; 11.Brazil; 12.Nigeria; 13.Ghana; 14.Czechoslovakia; 15.Thailand; 16.El Salvador. เสื้อผ้าสุดแปลก

1972: Munich, West Germany. End-product: 1.Poland; 2.Hungary; 3.East Germany; 4.USSR; 5.Mexico; 6.Denmark; 7.Morocco; 8.West Germany; 9.Malaysia; 10.USA; 11.Iran; 12.Brazil; 13.Myanmar; 14.Sudan; 15.Colombia; 16.Guatemala.

1976: Montreal, Canada. Eventual outcomes: 1.East Germany; 2.Poland; 3.USSR; 4.Brazil; 5.Spain; 6.Canada; 7.Mexico; 8.France; 9.Israel; 10.Guatemala; 11.Cuba; 12.Iran; 13.North Korea.

For political reasons, African nations (Nigeria, Zambia and Ghana) didn't take part at the 1976 Montreal Games. Uruguay qualified for the 1976 Olympics, yet it didn't take an interest. Uruguay was supplanted by Cuba.

1980: Moscow, USSR. Eventual outcomes: 1.Czechoslovakia; 2.GDR (East Germany); 3.USSR; 4.Yugoslavia; 5.Cuba; 6.Kuwait; 7.Algeria; 8.Iraq; 9.Nigeria; 10.Colombia; 11.Venezuela; 12.Costa Rica; 13,Syria; 14.Finland; 15.Zambia; 16.Spain.

For political reasons, numerous nations (Iran, USA, Ghana, Egypt, Malaysia, Norway and Argentina) didn't take part in the Olympics Games.The United States was supplanted by Cuba.

1984: Los Angeles, California (USA). End-product: 1.France; 2.Brazil; 3.Yugoslavia;4.Italy; 5.Canada; 6.Chile; 7.West Germany; 8.Egypt; 9.USA; 10.Qatar; 11.Norway; 12.Cameroon; 13.Morocco; 14.Costa Rica; 15.Iraq; 16.Saudi Arabia.

1988: Seoul, South Korea. End-product: 1.USSR; 2.Brazil; 3.Sweden; 4.Italy; 5.Australia; 6.Argentina; 7.WGR (West Germany); 8.Zambia; 9.Tunisia; 10.Guatemala; 11.Iraq; 12.China; 13.South Korea; 14.Nigeria; 15.USA; 16.Yugoslavia.

1992: Barcelona, Spain. End-product: 1.Spain; 2.Poland; 3.Ghana; 4.Australia; 5.Italy; 6.Qatar; 7.Sweden; 8.Paraguay; 9.USA; 10.Kuwait; 11.Colombia; 12.Egypt; 13.South Korea; 14.Morocco; 15.Mexico; 16.Denmark.

1996: Atlanta, Georgia (USA). End-product: 1.Nigeria; 2.Argentina; 3.Brazil; 4.Portugal; 5.Ghana; 6.Mexico; 7.France; 8.Spain; 9.USA; 10.Tunisia; 11.Australia; 12.Saudi Arabia; 13.Japan; 14.Hungary; 15.South Korea; 16.Italy.

2000: Sydney, Australia. End-product: 1.Cameroon; 2.Spain; 3.Chile; 4.USA; 5.Japan; 6.Italy; 7.Brazil; 8.Nigeria; 9.South Korea; 10.Honduras; 11.South Africa; 12.Slovakia; 13.Kuwait; 14.Czech Republic; 15.Australia; 16.Morocco.

2004: Athens, Greece. Eventual outcomes: 1.Argentina; 2.Paraguay; 3.Italy; 4.Iraq; 5.South Korea; 6.Mali; 7.Australia; 8.Costa Rica; 9.Mexico; 10.Ghana; 11.Morocco; 12.Tunisia; 13.Japan; 14.Portugal; 15.Greece; 16.Serbia and Montenegro.

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