Spanish Football – Matchday Atletico Madrid in the Vicente Calderon

It is said that Football in Spain comes an extremely close second behind Catholicism as the public religion. Assuming this is valid, one might say that, in Madrid, Atletico Madrid come an exceptionally close second behind Real Madrid as the capital city's number one brandishing fascination.

While the historical backdrop of Real Madrid is one of European titles and homegrown control that of their cross city neighbors Atletico Madrid is one of "almost men" and infertile prize cupboards. Such has turned into the shared characteristic of terrific capitulations from winning places that the club and the fans are known as, "los suffrodores," the victims!

In case Atletico are that poor on the football field (and there is no proof in actuality) what drives 55,000 individuals to turn up week in, week out, at the traffic clogged downtown area Vincente Calderon arena?

The matchday experience!

Take the party environment of the Rio amusement park and the energy of a political meeting you actually have not shown up at the force created on Atletico Madrid matchdays. From the ardent Atletico allies, known as "Ultras" and who populate the southern finish of the arena, there comes a three hour attack on the faculties. The possibly concise relief from the blast of commotion being the point at which the groups change closes at half time.

Football coordinates in "la liga", The association, regularly start at 1700 on a Sunday evening (this is oftentimes changed to satisfy TV needs) anyway the matchday experience begins far prior at around 1300. In the various little bars around the ground and surprisingly up to 3km's away the Atletico dedicated are planning to appreciate one of Spains other incredible customs: Lunch! ข่าววงการกอล์ฟ

As in the remainder of Spain, Lunch is a two hour long distance race of five or six unique Spanish dishes joined by and washed down with abundant measures of brew or wine during which players of a past period are recalled, group determination scrutinized and games replayed in the personalities of those present. Quickly the Salt, Pepper and Sauce bottles are revised as a specific objective or development is re-ordered to yells, shouts and contentions of those stressing their recollections of thirty years past.

With the casual undertaking of lunch over by 1500, and regardless the vocal harmonies being adequately greased up, the group starts to move towards the road party working in the area promptly encompassing the Vicente Calderon.

Lanes are shut off by the police as the roads quickly load up with an ocean of singing red and white interspersed simply by the sound of drums and horns. This happens each Atletico Madrid matchday and each matchday the staff of the many little bars coating these streets attempt valiently and neglect to serve rewards to the groups close to home.

"Atleti! Atleti! Atleti!" Is the dull thunder that turns out to be more unmistakable as you approach the actual arena. Having shown up a decent thirty minutes before the match is because of start the "Ultras" are beginning to prepare the remainder of the group so particularly that as start up approaches the sound of singing, reciting, drums and trumpets has obscured into one undefined commotion. Five minutes before start off and as the groups are leaving onto the consecrated turf the PA framework pops into life and 55 thousand voices sing as one the "Atletico Hymn." Should the players have required reminding how significant the game is the blossoms put along the edge of the corner banner in recognition of those players who kicked the bucket in the Spanish common conflict positively brings things into center.

What follows the refs short impact on the whistle to begin the game is an hour and a half of constant vocal consolation of the people who were the red and white stripes. Well practically persistent as this might be interuppted for the singing of several decision tunes scrutinizing the beginning or the excellencies of the official, the resistance or the other group from up the street (Real Madrid).

Nearly as a help the last whistle blows, as the ref stops procedures on the field, anyway for the Atletico Madrid fans this signals a distraught race to the closest bars and cafés to analyize the days execution and to extinguish those dry throats!

With an environment like this and an enterance cost of under twenty euros it is not difficult to perceive any reason why those 55,000 solid spirits will bear an arena, that is just a quarter covered, to see their group flop in downpour in December.

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