The Favorite Receivers of Dallas Cowboys Great Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman is an individual from the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is additionally perhaps the most well known quarterback at any point to play the situation for the Dallas Cowboys, and that is saying something. During his long term vocation in the National Football League, every last bit of it went through with the Cowboys, he played in various defining moments and set up some extraordinary exhibitions. Who were this extraordinary quarterback's #1 collectors however during that time?

The player to get the most score passes from Troy Aikman was Michael Irvin who pulled in 49 score gatherings from him during his vocation.

Second on the rundown is well known tight end Jay Novacek who got 20 of Troy Aikman's score passes.

Alvin Harper joined the Dallas Cowboys two seasons after Aikman went to the group and he positions third on this rundown of the quarterback's #1 beneficiaries with 16 score gets. Livescore

Fullback Daryl "Moose" Johnston sits in fourth spot with the 13 profession score gatherings tossed to him by Troy Aikman.

The fifth most score passes tossed by Aikman went to incredible running back Emmitt Smith who got 11 of them during the time they were partners.

It's implied that Troy Aikman had an extraordinary vocation. You can't get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame without assembling a lifelong that stands among the best ever. It is fascinating however that of the main five score beneficiaries that he tossed to, just two of them were wide collectors. He played in some paramount games, including Super Bowls, and was a genuinely incredible quarterback. Any individual who doesn't think so simply needs to ask Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Alvin Harper, Daryl Johnston, and Emmitt Smith.

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